Motivational Fitness and Nutrition

Offering specialized coaching since 2010


Ever wonder what it would be like to work with me as a Nutrition Coach?

When you decide to work with me as a Nutrition Coach we’ll set up an initial phone call to decide whether coaching is right for you. 

As a Nutrition Coach when you work with me you receive a thorough evaluation of how your current lifestyle choices and nutritional habits are affecting your ability to reach your goals. 

If we decide that Coaching is right for you, you’ll then be asked to track your current food intake and fill out an intake form. The intake form allows for more elaboration on current mindset and past experiences with food, exercise, and nutritional choices. 

After collecting all the information from your tracking and intake form I can create a plan of attack in the form of a macro prescription. In the marco prescription I give starting points and expectations in regards to communication with your coach, starting macros and progressive plan, timing of nutrition surrounding workouts, food suggestions for filling macros, hydration, and supplementation suggestions if needed.

As we go more in depth with the process we build awareness of how your current self thought and food intake are affecting your goals and work on strategies for what we need to change to get you to your goals.

In addition to the macro prescription you receive a biofeedback form for daily accountability. In this form we watch for correlations in the foods you consume vs. how your body feels and responds. We use this form to build awareness of current body feels, consistency with hitting targeted macros, and how these are affecting your ability to reach your goals. The goal of this sheet is to build awareness and have a history of progression we can look back on.

Once you have the biofeedback and Macros Prescription in hand we set up our initial call to answer any questions on the new info, go over expectations, weekly check-ins, macros, biofeedback, and agree on a schedule for recurring calls based on your needs.

After all these are set in place we're off to the races and getting you to your goals! 

If this is something you or someone in your life needs to break that diet cycle and create a better relationship with food, send me a message and we can talk more about whether it's right for you!


Motivational Fitness and Nutrition


Hello! Welcome to my page! Let me know if you have any questions.

I’m a Nutrition coach and personal trainer. Since nutrition is generally the “missing link” to any fitness program as you can not out train a bad diet. My nutrition coaching will help “connect the dots” to help you achieve success. I take pride in creating and walking you through the perfect nutrition plan to fit your lifestyle and get you in the best health of your life.

I offer an individualized macro-approach to nutrition to create sustainable and healthy relationships between your goals and the food you consume, prioritizing the importance of food quality and quantity.

Please feel free to reach out to me for any of your nutritional or fitness needs.


Nutritional Education and Certifications:

NCI-Nutrition Coaching Institute Certifications:

L-2 Nutrition Coach Certification

L-1 Nutrition Coach Certification 

L-1 Hormone Specialist

L-1 Mindset Specialist

Advanced Studies in Men and Women's Hormone Health and Thyroid

I also do personal training for all goals.

I've been a Trainer since 2010
Over 5000+ hours of private training.
Specialized training and experience in: Spartan/tough mudder prep, crossfit, endurance, general health, weight loss, weight gain, and rehab.

Trainer since 2010
Over 5000+ hours of private training
ACE, AFAA, and NCSF personal trainer certified
CPR certified
Crossfit L-1
Trx group/individual trained
Chris Hinshaw: Crossfit Aerobic Capacity Seminar

Granite Games masters qualifier
2nd Teamfit San Diego
1st Crossfit Devotion girls competition
130th worldwide Crossfit open female masters 35-39
1st Place Renton Crossfit Games 2017
2nd place individual Crossfit Devotion Winter Games 2016
3rd place team finish Toys for Tots Throwdown
1st place team finish Whiskey Throttle Throwdown 2015
1st place team finish Stoneway Revolution Resolution 2015
4th place female pair San Diego Teamfit Competition 2015
2nd place team finish San Diego; Proving Grounds Teamfit Competition 2013
72nd in NW region Crossfit open 2015
76th in NW region Crossfit open 2013.
3rd place individual finish at the Gorilla Games 2013
3rd place team finish at Paramount Crossfit competition in 2013.
California Super Spartan Finisher
Washington Tough Mudder finisher