Motivational Fitness and Nutrition

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When I first started nutrition coaching with Jenn, I had already been in the fitness industry for over a decade​. I've been a personal trainer, fitness competitor, collegiate athlete, and model. I built a career out of looking good, but I felt like complete shit. I was run down, I was physically and mental exhausted, and I was injured. Jenn taught me how to use nutrition to become a healthier and happier person. I quickly learned through her coaching that most of what I learned through training was bullshit. Nutrition was much more than dieting to look good. Since coaching with Jenn, I've rehabbed a knee injury, rebuilt my metabolism, and finally feel the drive to push harder during my workouts again. I feel like a better version of myself and I've added so much value to my own training that I can give back to my clients. Jenn is a must have for anyone looking to make big changes! Even the best coaches need coaches too!

  -Derek Hutchins