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1:1 Nutrition Coaching

This program includes goal evaluation, macro prescription, bio-feedback tracking form, and 1:1 calls.  Please  Inquire for the different program pricing and availability.

Group Nutrition Coaching

This program is similar to the 1:1 nutrition coaching programs except instead of individual 1:1 phone calls you get access to zoom call hours for check-ins. Check-ins for this program are ~10-15 mins. 

Body Rebuild Blueprint

This program is great for anyone looking to optimize performance, correct painful period problems, and create a better overall understanding and awareness of how to optimize The Cycle Connection. 

Designed to teach you how to harness and optimize the power of your monthly cycle to lose body fat, gain strength, and improve hormone health. This includes individualized nutrition and training with cycle based modifications, valuable information on how to troubleshoot your period and what your body's telling you, macro prescription, bio-feedback form, and weekly calls! This program has individual as well as group options available.

Mindset Rebuild Blueprint

This is a collaborative program done with Sailing Stone Performance coaching. It address both the nutrition and mindset aspect of getting to your goals.

We've recognized that getting to your goals is more then just nutrition so we've teamed up to not only address your nutrition, but to to shift your mindset and stop self-sabotaging behaviors that are hindering you from getting to your goals. 

This program is good for both men and women.

It incorporates aspects of the Cycle Connection and Body Rebuild Blueprint. It is an individualized program taught in a group setting.

This program does have a 1:1 call option. -Inquire for details and availability.

It includes individualized nutrition and adjustments, training program with cycle based modifications option, nutrition and mindset group calls, group reiki calls, and group EFT tapping calls.

1:1 Personal Training

1:1 Personal Training can be done in person, FaceTime/Zoom, or through remote coaching. This program is customized based on you and your goals. I've helped clients achieve goals from general health and weight loss to performance goals like obstacle course races to Crossfit competitions.

Remote Coaching- Personal Training

No matter where you are or what your goals we have a nutrition and/or fitness plan for you! 

Schedule your call here to check availability and see if one-on-one nutrition coaching is right for you.

Cycle Connection Specialist Coaches Course

This program is designed for coaches wishing to learn how to apply the Cycle Connection to improve clients results.

This is a detailed course on the application of training, nutrition, and hormonal support to optimize the hormone fluctuations of a women's cycle.

Some of the topics this program includes:

* Creating biofeedback sheets to track clients progress.

* Understanding menopausal clients needs.

* How birth control effects the cycle.


* How to troubleshoot a women's cycle to create pain free healthy periods.

This program will teach you how to get your clients the results they've always wanted without being derailed by monthly hormone fluctuations. 


"Working with Jenn through weight lifting and nutrition brought an entirely new approach to how I was working out and eating. I had been diagnosed with PCOS and her entire philosophy was about optimizing your health around your cycle. By switching what type of lifting we did and how many macros I ate depending on where I was on my cycle was life changing."

Jessica S.


Podcast With Jason Phillips

Understanding Cycle Connection for maximizing fat loss and performance.

View Now

Blackbelt Beauty Podcast 

How to leverage your hormones to decrease stress, improve your energy and body composition.

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Crushing With Abby O-Podcast

Syncing exercise and nutrition to your cycle. 

Listen Now

Jenn Marker

What do you love most about being a coach?

"When it comes to coaching, I most enjoy changing client's perspectives on what's possible for them. Sure its great when they don't have a lot of issues to correct and its easy, but thats not what I enjoy most. I really gain the most fulfillment when a client comes to me with that lost, scared look in their eyes and that feeling as if they are never going to reach their goals. The belief that they are too far gone or have too many messed up hormones to get to their dream body. And after a few months of coaching, I get to see the joy in their faces as their body starts to take a new shape, they are confident in their own knowledge and abilities and they realize their goals are obtainable. Thats what fuels me, and thats what I love most about being a coach."

What are you waiting for!

Cycle Connection Coaches Course

Live training available for coaches that want that live classroom feel. All purchases of the Cycle Connection Specialist come with access to all LIVE presentations.  

Sign-up to be made aware of our live training presentations. This allows you to be walked through this program and have all your questions answered along the way.

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